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Club Update

Club Update

Club Membership Renewals – 01 January 2021

As notified to you during the first lockdown, the Committee are waiving membership fees for 2021.  As Club activities have been disrupted by COVID, members in 2020 will automatically have their membership renewed for an additional year for free.  If, however, you would like to pay a membership fee, please do so.

IMPORTANT: If your contact details have changed or more importantly, those of your emergency contact, please send any updates to Lou by Text, Messenger or Email

If you wish to cancel your membership, could you also please notify Lou.


We would normally be holding an AGM around now but obviously due to COVID restrictions this will not be happening.  We could hold an online meeting but with little activity this year, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile. 

The Club’s accounts have been audited (see earlier post).  The Club has a healthy bank account despite a small loss.  We are likely to have another small loss next year with not collecting membership fees and paying out subscriptions to British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials, however the Club’s accounts are healthy enough to see us through this.

If there are any issues or points you would like to have raised at the AGM, please email these by 12th December to for Lou, Mike and Hywel to review and feedback.

That’s about it for now.  We look forward to 2021 when hopefully we’ll kick COVID in the teeth and be able to cycle together in large groups, linger over a coffee and cake, hold social evenings and go on cycling holidays. 

Best wishes and stay safe,