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02 Feb 2017

A few of this 1/2  yeas Audax's

Remember ! ..... only those held in Devon or Cornwall count for the Turner Prize wink


  1. Sunday 19th March 100 or 200 kms Mad March from Exeter
  2. Sunday 23rd April 50 or 100 kms A Cornish 100 from Falmouth
  3. Sunday 25th june 65 or 67 kms on road or off road from Carharrack Mines and Mineral Railways
  4. Saturday 1st July 140 kms  from Bovey Tracy Dartmoor Ghost
  5. Saturday 8th July 600 kms  from  Exeter 0600 the Exe Buzzard
  6. Sunday 16 July  100 or 200 kms from Newton Abbot  
Now all these events can be entered on the Audax website, have fun

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